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Radio frequency (RF) is a non-invasive, natural way to stimulate your own body’s healing responses. The way we exercise our bodies to build our muscles….RF pushes cells to work harder to firm and tighten our skin.
Radio Frequency targets loose and wrinkled skin by using energy to penetrate heat deep into the dermis tightening the underlying skin structure to create. More youthful appearance.
By aiming the skin temperature, the skin perceives it as an injury then rushes in blood flow bringing in all the anti-aging building blocks needed for firmer and tighter skin.

Immediately after an RF session, skin appears plumper and more radiant due to increase circulation n stimulation.

Each RF treatment generate elastin, collagen and increase Hyaluronic acid, makingRF an ideal treatment not only for anti aging but for post pregnancy  and for loose skin after weight loss. RF can also be used for:

*Slowing Aging
*Thickening the skin
*Softening wrinkles and creepiness
*An overall natural gentle face lift
*Plumping up cheeks
*Firming just below the chin
*Sagging necks
*Loose upper arm skin
*Loose. Belly after pregnancy ad weigh loss

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